• Log in to your account using your username and password. Select “Addresses” and update the appropriate address field with the new address by clicking “Edit”. Click “Save” for the changes to take effect. However, this will not affect the status of an order under processing. If you have special needs or concerns regarding your delivery, please contact us at info@foodivameals.ca, and we’ll do our best to help

  • Nope, no waiting around required! Since our meals are perishable, our delivery partners will leave your package at your door (they don’t need your signature). If you’re worried about your package being delivered, you can add special instructions to the Notes section (like a gate code, for instance). If you have special needs or concerns regarding your delivery, please contact us at info@foodivameals.ca, and we’ll do our best to help.

  • Nope, once the order is processed, you won’t be able to make any changes for that week.

  • Before the weekly cuttoff, you’ll be able to see a “Cancel” button underneath your selected meals, letting you know you can still cancel your current order. After your deadline has passed, you’ll see your order’s current status instead listed under the delivery date. Once your meals are shown as being prepared or shipped, you’ve been charged for your order and it’s processing in our system. At that point, we won’t be able to stop the delivery for that week, even if the order is canceled.

  • Our delivery partners work hard to make sure all of our customers receive their meals on time, but outside factors beyond our control like weather can occasionally delay a delivery. If for any reason your meals do not arrive on the specified day, please contact us at info@foodivameals.ca, and we’ll make it right.

  • It’s really important for us that you have an amazing Foodiva Meals experience, and part of that is ensuring you receive the exact meals you chose. If you didn’t receive the correct meals, please contact us at info@foodivameals.ca.

  • It’s really important to us that you have an amazing Foodiva Meals experience. If your meals arrive warm or damaged, please contact our Customer Care team at info@foodivameals.ca.

  • You can pay using either of the following options: Visa MasterCard American Express We do not accept payments through prepaid cards

  • We do offer special discounts on large catering and corporate event orders. Also, from time to time we do offer promotions online through our website. To access the promotions, please create an account with us.

  • At the moment, only one card can be used for one transaction.

  • As soon as you place an order through our website, we’ll send you an email that lists the meals ordered and the total price charged to your credit card.

  • Currently, we do not offer any discounts for referring friends.

  • Once a refund is processed, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Depending on your bank this may take up to 10 business days to process (though we usually see funds returned within 3 to 5 days). If you haven’t seen the funds returned to your card, we suggest reaching out to your bank to find out the status of your refund referring to your confirmation email.

  • We currently deliver to the following areas. Saskatoon Martensville Warman

  • Delivery charges vary depending on the area code you reside in.

  • Currently, we deliver every Sunday in between 3pm – 7pm.

  • Yes! We sure can. However, we recommend having your meals delivered to your home since our third-party carriers can deliver as early as 3pm and as late as 7pm.

  • We’re a subscription-free meal delivery service that delivers fresh (not frozen) ready-to-eat meals, cooked from scratch by our team of chefs. All you have to do is heat ‘em up—each meal is ready to eat in only 3 minutes. No shopping, no chopping, no cleanup. But also no artificial ingredients, preservatives or added sugars.

  • All our meals are prepared in a fully licensed and inspected commercial kitchen facility by our team of chefs. Our equipment is well-suited for both small and large batch production.

  • Step 1: Pick the meal plan (3, 5, 7, 9, 11) that best fits your needs and choose your meals. You can change up your number of meals with every order if you’d like. Step 2: We cook and deliver your meals to your door. We deliver twice a week every (Sunday, Wednesday). You have the flexibility to choose either of the days for delivery or split your meals to be delivered on both days, as per your convenience. Step 3: Just heat the meals in a microwave for 3 minutes before eating.

  • Foodiva Meals is a subscription free service. Once, you sign up as a member with us, you will be charged on a per order basis. You can choose to receive your meals delivery on the following Sunday or Wednesday of the date of your order.

  • Enter your credentials in the “Login” box under “My Account” tab on our homepage. Choose a meal plan that best fits your needs. Choose your meals and quantities. Pick the day(s) of the week you’d like to receive the delivery (Sunday and/or Wednesday). Add your contact info, payment details, delivery address and special instructions for the delivery driver (if any).

  • After you place your order, you’ll be charged in our system. Your meals will be prepared fresh for delivery every Sunday and Wednesday, packed and sealed in our chilled boxes. You can also login to your account and head to the “Orders” to review your order details including Order Date, Status, and Total. Click “View” to review meal choices/quantities, delivery address, billing address, payment breakdown and delivery day(s). If you’re not home at the time of your delivery, the carrier will leave your meal boxes at your front door for when you return. If you live in an apartment building, your box may be left at the building reception or in the lobby or a communal mail area. As soon as you pick up your box you can pop them in your fridge or freezer.

  • We don’t offer a trial. We do organize food tasting events from time to time. Details of such events will be posted on our website accordingly.

  • No! We cook and deliver twice every week on Sunday and Wednesday. You can pick either day of your choice or split your meals delivery to be delivered on both days. You should refrigerate your meals upon receiving and can even freeze the meals to extend the shelf life (though we recommend eating them fresh).

  • Yes! We add new variety of meals every week and regularly rotate meals on the menu while maintaining customer favorites. Plus, we use our customer’s feedback and comments to revamp current meals to make them even better.

  • Yes! Sales tax and delivery charges will be added to your total charge as applicable. You will receive an email with a detailed breakdown of your charge, including any sales tax, delivery charges or promotions applied.

  • All our meals are single serving and meant to feed one person. But you can choose as many number of meals you want to be delivered to you.

  • Yes! We do offer bulk pricing for large corporate or catering events.

  • Yes! If you are interested in placing a catering or corporate event order, you can reach out to us at info@foodivameals.ca.

  • Since we don’t use artificial or chemical preservatives, all our meals have a refrigerated shelf life of about 3 - 5 days. Every meal has a “Best Before” date on the nutrition label. Even though our meals taste best when eaten fresh, you can freeze them to increase their shelf life. You simply need to add a couple of minutes to the heating time and reheat from frozen, without thawing. We recommend confirming that the food is reheated to 165ο F, the same as reheating from fresh.

  • Your meals will come to you fully prepared, so you just have to heat them up in the microwave for 3 minutes or until the meal reaches an inner temperature of 165ο F. Let stand for 2 minutes. Stir the meal, and you are ready to enjoy.

  • All our meal packages are labeled with the list of ingredients, nutritional information, and best before date. You can also browse through our online menu to find those details excluding best before date.

  • Our meals come in reusable plastic containers for lower carbon footprint that are microwave-safe, don’t release BPA when heated, and are made with a process that’s 30% cleaner than other plastic manufacturing. We seal the environment friendly containers securely to make sure your meals reach you in tip-top shape. Both container and lid can be directly recycled.

  • Even though our meals taste best when eaten fresh, you can freeze them to increase their shelf life. You simply need to freeze prior to the "Best Before" date, and when ready to enjoy, add a couple of minutes to the heating time and reheat from frozen, without thawing. We recommend confirming that the food is reheated to 165ο F, the same as reheating from fresh.

  • Yes, you most certainly can! Just so you know, our current meal containers aren’t safe for the oven or stovetop, so you’ll have to transfer your food to heat it up. First, preheat your oven to 350° F. (Keep in mind, heating times are approximate. You’ll want to reheat the meal to an inner temperature of 165° F.) Transfer your food to an oven-safe dish (don’t forget to scrape the sauce out of the tray!) and cover the top in tin foil. Heat for 25-35 minutes, remove foil, and let sit 3-5 minutes. Transfer to a plate (or bowl) and enjoy!

  • Currently, we do not offer meal customization. The meals on our menu will come to you as shown.

  • Our food philosophy focuses on using real, whole ingredients, including high-quality proteins, good fats, and nutrient dense carbohydrates. We do cater customers with Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, Gluten-Free and Nut-Free dietary restrictions.

  • Both the plastic meal containers and their casing can be directly recycled alongside other plastic products. Another option is to re-use your meal containers as they are great for camping and road trips.

  • As we use self-employed delivery drivers to get your meals to you quickly, we don’t have the ability to collect back the used packaging for recycling.

  • If your password isn’t working, select “Forgot password,” and we’ll send you an email to reset it. If you’ve forgotten the email address on file you can reach out to our Customer Care team at info@foodivameals.ca so we can help locate your account. You can edit your log-in info at any time under your Account Details.

  • If you’re not receiving your forgot password email, we suggest double-checking your Spam and Junk folders in your inbox. You can search “Foodiva Meals” in your email. If you still can’t locate the email, please contact our support team at info@foodivameals.ca.

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